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Cheese on Toast Recipe


One of Alissa's favourite snacks at lunchtime (only lunchtime, due to the high fat content in the cheese) is cheese on toast - with a twist.

Alissa slices up baby or cherry tomatoes and puts them with the sliced cheese on top of the toast - before placing on a plate into the microwave.  This simple meal is tasty, quick to prepare and a great energy boost if you've got an active afternoon.

Egg 'n' Soldiers

Another easy to prepare snack is boiled eggs and toast soldiers.

  • Soft boil the eggs for 4-4½ minutes
  • Meanwhile toast the egg
  • Butter the egg (butter or spread) thinly
  • Cut into fingers of toast or "soldiers"
  • Serve the eggs in an eggcup
  • Break off top of egg and dip in soldiers
  • Enjoy!

For this simple recipe, I prefer to use the Cranks wholemeal bread or the Vogel's Soya and Linseed breads.

If you're unable to buy these, Antony Worral Thompsons latest book

Note:- uncooked egg may be unsuitable for children or pregnant mums.