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Diabetic Blog by Mom & Daughter (archive)


Welcome - here's our thoughts, ideas and tips for cooking and eating as a new (or not so new) diabetic. 

We've had ten years to change our diet, our cooking and adapt our favorite recipes.

Healthy Eating Tips

Here's the last few months of ideas and tips on eating more healthy foods:-

  • Diabetes Solution - Dr Bernstein book
    Our 100% honest book review of the Diabetes Solution by Dr Bernstein and it's value to type 1 diabetics
  • Type 1 Diabetes and Exercise
    Wondering about type 1 diabetes and how you should exercise ? The advice to most diabetics is to ensure that you lead a healthy lifestyle
  • The Value of Life Coaching
    Need inspiration? Have you considered life coaching to help you achieve your goals and dreams?
  • Pregnancy & Diabetes - managing with an insulin pump
    So what happens when a diabetic using an insulin pump decides to become pregnant ? How will her pregnancy be handled and what are the risks?
  • Creative Recipes With Different Types of Flours
    In our home we love trying various types of flours for cookings - here's a few ideas for experimenting in your kitchen with rye, teff, whole wheat, buckwheat and a special gluten free mix
  • Ultimate Low Carb Food Shopping List
    Looking to have a low carb lifestyle, but not sure what to buy? Here's our list of low carb foods for your shopping list.
  • Healthy Pastry Recipe
    Looking for an low carb or gluten free alternative to pastry? Here's a simple alternative to try.
  • Is Splenda Harmful ?
    With health concerns over almost every type of food and product, Splenda comes under the light for inspection from concerned groups.
  • Diabetes & Pumps
    Considering changing from daily injections to an insulin pump - read our concise points as to when and why this could be a good move for your health and lifestyle
  • Coolest Insulin Pump Accessories
    This is a review of some of the coolest items we've seen on the insulin pump accessory market - from the Groovy Patch to themed cases & covers - we love them, they're a great idea for teens & kids
  • Surviving Christmas As A Diabetic
    Christmas is a challenging time for any diabetic - with rich foods, full of sugar & carbs abounding. Here's a few ideas on how to survive the festive holiday season without feeling ill through high sugar levels ...
  • Breakfast For Diabetics
    Browsing the supermarket, you may be fooled into thinking that there are no great tasting breakfasts for diabetics. Not so, there's plenty of tasty ways to start the day, that'll have you feeling more energetic.
  • Diabetic Salads
    I used to hate salads, for me they comprised soggy lettuce and sliced tomato. A recent trip to Greece had me getting excited about cooking and eating tasty salads all over again.
  • Healthy Living Recipe Ideas
    Is it possible to boost the health level of your current diet without making massive changes? With a few simple tips, we believe it's possible to eat better quicker.
  • Archive Blog
    Our archive blog posts from 2006-2007, covering a range of experiences from university living to airports & travel, holidays and latest research news.

Please do send your comments and recipe suggestions!

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