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Christmas Cookie Recipes for Diabetics

Star-shaped christmas cookies


Christmas holiday baking is wonderful fun !

Cutting & creating christmas cookies in shapes, whether they're for gifts or decorations can be enjoyable.

If you're cooking for a diabetic, there are some changes you can make to your existing recipes to adapt them.

Try 50% normal flour, 50% wholemeal; use 50% sugar replacement, 50% sugar; use low fat baking spread rather than butter (but do ensure it's suitable for cooking).

Or here's our favorite holiday recipe ideas:-

Got a favorite recipe that you want to make more festive ?  Why not try:-

  • adding cranberries to the mix, or grated orange peel
  • a little mixed spice will add a little pzazz to any regular cookie
  • top each circle mix with an almond or macadamia nut, to add a festive twist, prior to popping in the oven for cooking

Even with these changes, cookies should be eaten as part of a main meal or as one of the planned snacks throughout the day.