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Diabetic Christmas Recipes

Ideas for Christmas food & recipes for diabetic adults and children

It can seem that Christmas is all about eating sugar and carbs !

For those preparing for this annual festive gathering, Christmas often means:-

roast turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, holiday, plum pudding, traditional Christmas cake, cookies, stollen, punch and too many snowballs !

For us Christmas used to be a disaster and we're determined to make every year better - we couldn't seem to avoid sugar-filled puddings and plates piled high of carbohydrates.

When Christmas was finally over after all the hype and the crazy food eating that accompanies it we were left wondering how diabetics are supposed to live through and enjoy this holiday season.

Easy Cooking for the Holidays

During the holiday period many diabetics experience the worst levels of the year, mainly because everyone is eating the wrong types of food and far too much sugar.

Everywhere you go you're offered foods full of sugar and white flour - the worst enemies of the diabetic.

Everything in traditional recipe books is full of sugar, chocolate and fat.

We're already planning for a healthy Christmas 2012 and looking for recipes that we can enjoy eating during the holiday season.

Here's a few ideas to get you going, helping you to re-invent your holiday dinners and ensure that you can enjoy the festive season without missing out:-

  • Christmas Mulled Wine Recipe
    My father gave me this recipe years ago and it's easy to make and people always ask for seconds. Full of festive flavour, your guests will be asking you for this recipe!
  • Diabetic Christmas Baking Recipes
    Christmas baking & recipes for diabetics - a little thought can change most of your usual recipes into ones suitable for individuals with diabetes.
  • Diabetic Christmas Breakfast recipe ideas
    A simple but memorable healthy breakfast for Christmas morning ... with a touch of festive flavour
  • Diabetic Christmas Cookie Recipes
    Don't eat too many diabetic christmas cookies - just because they have less sugar and carbs, doesn't mean you can pig out!
  • Diabetic Christmas Dessert Recipes
    Creative diabetic dessert recipes for the holidays - make taste the centre, enjoy health, small portions and relax with a steaming cup of coffee.
  • Diabetic Christmas Jello Recipes
    Want to enjoy jello but worried about sugar content? This simple homemade jello recipe can be added to your Christmas desserts menu.

If you've got a diabetic coming to visit this festive season, you can't go too far wrong by cooking them a roast dinner.

A traditional Christmas roast contains plenty of protein and vegetables, although you might want to take it easy on the roast potatoes and parsnips!

Easy Rule of Thumb for Meals:-

Try and stick to the rule of having your plate filled in the following proportions:- vegetables (50%), protein/meat (25%) and potatoes/carbohydrates (25%).

For pudding, skip the traditional plum pudding and instead try a fresh fruit salad served with custard or icecream.

We've also come up with a dessert idea that will delight your guests as well as being easy to prepare beforehand. Try our easy cook cranberry and pear crumble or plums in toffee sauce.

To start the day well, check out a sample Christmas breakfast menu for diabetics which includes several menu suggestions to help you when cooking for a diabetic.