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Diabetic Dessert Recipes

recipes for dessert

One of the hardest things can be to find healthy dessert recipes suitable for diabetics.

If you don't want to live on yoghurt, fromage frais and stewed fruit - it can be hard to find something that's not packed full of sugar or cream.

One of the easy options for a simple dessert is to serve a few plates of fresh fruits - such as a bunch of grapes, add some fresh strawberry, raspberry or blueberries - these make great browsing and allow people to eat as much as they choose.

Cranberries can be a healthy yet traditional style Christmas dessert

You can also replace sugar with splenda or use agave nectar to sweeten.

One easy & simple standby is baked apples. Cover with orange juice, a little cinnamon and fill with some natural granola, nuts & raisins . Top with some natural low fat cream or yogurt.

In practice, you may tend to mix the healthier style of meal with the occasional treat, such as brownies or a dessert served with fresh cream.

Christmas DessertsCooking for a diabetic needn't mean depriving yourself !

For the diabetic, it can be hard to find dessert recipes for the holidays as the traditional foods are packed full of sugar and chocolate .

A little planning ahead can help you to enjoy the holiday season without your health suffering due to bad sugar levels.

Check out our free Christmas dessert recipes that are easy to create at home .

One easy make-ahead brownie which is a real treat and chocolatey luxury is our gluten free brownies.

Recommended Books

French Women Don't Get Fat - this book doesn't just hand out some helpful and simple recipes but goes into the whole theory and rationale of why French women tend to be slim.

Understanding their approach to food is not only interesting - it can be helpful to get out of the groove of modern thinking on carbohydrate, sugar and fat-saturated foods, into a way that has enabled those who live near the Mediterranean to live a healthier lifestyle.

The Diabetes Weight Loss Diet by chef Anthony Worrall Thompson. The title is misleading as this book is full of healthy, quick recipes that are suitable for diabetics are low carb and low fat .

You're bound to find some recipes which become favourites that you cook regularly - this book is nicely photographed and will make a great addition to your cookbook collection .