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Classic English Diabetic Dessert - Fruit Trifle

A trifle is a timeless English pudding that has stood the test of time. 


This is a great dish to make for an insulin dependent diabetic as a treat.
It's so easy to make you hardly need a recipe, but here's our simple instructions for putting your own trifle together:
  1. make some sugar free jelly and put in the base of a clear bowl or tall glasses 
  2. add tinned fruit (drained, in fruit juice, not syrup) to the jelly before it sets
  3. make my own custard using custard powder, skimmed milk and granulated sweetener
  4. pour a layer of cooled (but not set) custard on top of the set jelly
  5. for the final layer, top it all off with some low fat cream, low fat fromage frais sweetened with a little sweetener or Splenda or add a little spray cream from a tin for effect just before serving, top with a glazed cherry
  6. decorate the top with either tinned or seasonal fresh fruit, such as sliced bananas (dipped in lemon juice), sliced strawberries or blueberries (for a taste of summer) or cranberries (perfect at Christmas time)

This dessert is low carb and sugar free, so is good for those on special diets too.  

If desired, you can add a drop of sherry to the custard, for flavouring, as this is traditional - though you may wish to leave it out if kids are going to be eating it, as they often dislike the flavour.

Incidentally, you can either serve it in a glass dish, as is traditional, or how about serving in a tall dish and eating with long handled spoons ?!

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