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Diabetic Health

Being a diabetic shouldn't have to rule your life !

That said, the statistics say that it's wise for any of us, particularly diabetics, to watch what we eat, to have the right amount of exercise and to generally take care of our bodies.

Of course, with the additional complications that can come with diabetes - high sugar levels, coping with hypos, daily injections, there's already a lot to juggle - without worrying about anything else.

When my daughter was first diagnosed, we made a decision to change our diet and lifestyle as a family - rather than singling her out for special treatment.

This meant no more high sugar or fatty foods - fewer last minute fast food takeaways - and started us discovering a new way to eat as a family. 

As you may be aware, Type 1 diabetics have a higher risk of heart disease or a stroke, so changing the way you eat can help promote health and reduce your risk of complications.

For information on keeping healthy whilst living with diabetes, please check out:-

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Do you have a question that we haven't answered, please contact us and let us know, as we aim for this to be a helpful resources for diabetics and their families.

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