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Exercise & Diabetes

Exercise & Diabetes

Many people are aware of the link between diet and diabetes, but are not aware of the effects or benefits of exercise.

Improving your health with a few simple exercises can help to:-

  • help you lose or maintain weight
  • improve your blood glucose control
  • help you to feel healthier
  • be part of a programme to manage your sugar levels

exercise can help manage blood sugar levels for diabeticsWhat counts as exercise?

Just about anything - from walking, swimming, washing the car, cleaning the windows, badminton, golf, you name it!

It's recommended that we take exercise at least three times every week, for a minimum of twenty minutes each time - but the best thing is to find something that you enjoy and, if possible, someone who will join you. 

It's far more fun to spend time with a friend whilst exercising, and makes it an enjoyable social event rather than a chore.

Why bother?

Exercise has comes with a "caution" sign on it - as too much exercise without eating sufficient food or compensating with insulin can cause a hypo.

We first realised the impact of exercise when we were on holiday in France several years ago - Alissa spent plenty of time in the swimming pool and was able to eat masses of French bread whilst still having good sugar levels. 

Just for information, Alissa was only ever off the pump for a maximum of an hour at a time, then she reconnected and later disconnected when she went swimming again.

This led us to realise that instead of seeing exercise as a threat, we needed to see it as a possibility.

Since then, we've found that walking in the morning can help to improve levels throughout the day - improving the feeling of wellbeing and health.

What now?

Find something that you feel comfortable with and will feel able to manage on a regular basis.

If possible, find someone to come along with you, to help improve your motivation and provide company.

Check your level before and after exercise and don't forget to take some glucose and a snack just in case you have a hypo.

Make this a part of your weekly routine and set out to enjoy yourself!

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