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Diabetes Info Page


  • Registered Nurse, Debra Manzella, explains the health risks involved and the care required for diabetics.
  • Diabetes Monitor Monitoring diabetes happenings everywhere online, and providing information, education and support for people with diabetes.
  • Health Information Comprehensive health directory for all conditions and diseases
    Information about Diabetes Information on Diabetes, diabetic medication, nutrition and a collection of diabetic recipes
  • American Diabetes Association One of the most popular websites for diabetics - full of useful tips & information.
  • Diabetes Daily An active diabetes support community featuring a diabetes forum, live chat, blogs, diabetes information, and diabetes news.
  • Islets of Hope Find diabetes assistance programs, where to donate diabetes supplies, insurance laws, support, diabetes resources, treatment, and more ...
  • Diabetes TrialNet Web Site Discover what research is being done into Type 1 diabetes - you may even wish to take part
  • Medtronic Diabetes: Minimed This is the design of pump that Alissa has been using since 2001. She's found it reliable, easy to use, and their initial training was top quality (thank you Susan!)
  • Insulin Pumpers UK Insulin Pumpers UK: the support group for insulin pump users in the United Kingdom
  • Kids Diabetes UK A website is aimed at children and teenagers with diabetes with diabetes, also their families. It's designed to help you cope with diabetes.
  • Diabetes: A Guide for Teens An easy to understand site with health care information for adolescent girls and young women
  • Diabetes Management This is a site for newly diagnosed diabetics wanting to either fight their type 2 diabetes or seeking to increase their knowledge about the disease. They outline five main preventative measures that are at the heart of diabetes management and the most important to prevent or reduce the risk of developing the complications associated with the effects of diabetes
  • Discount Medical Supplies Over 10,000 different medical supplies and health equipment, diagnostic equipment, ostomy, diabetic supplies and more