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Insulin Pumps and Pumping Page


  • OmniPod Insulin Management System Founded in August 2000, Insulet Corporation is a privately-held, innovative diabetes management company. Insulet Corporation's first commercial product--the OmniPod(tm) Insulin Management System--has been designed to revolutionize the way diabetes is treated and make intensive insulin therapy easier than ever. The System combines the proven healthcare benefits of continuous subcutaneous insulin delivery with blood glucose monitoring technology in an easy to use, two-part system with no tubing and no scheduled injection regimens.
  • Medtronic Diabetes: Minimed This is the design of pump that Alissa has been using since 2001. She's found it reliable, easy to use, and their initial training was top quality (thank you Susan!)
  • Insulin Pumpers UK Insulin Pumpers UK: the support group for insulin pump users in the United Kingdom
  • Slide show: Choosing an insulin delivery device - from the Mayo Clinic Insulin delivery devices - weigh the pros and cons of insulin pumps and pens