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Quick Healthy Summer Recipes & Snacks


Looking for recipes that you can cook in under 30 minutes ?

If you can make sure you've got some fresh ingredients in the refrigerator, there are plenty of meal ideas that you can easily cook in a hurry.

Here's our choice of easy to cook recipes that are nutritious and bursting with flavor:-

Avocado, Bacon and Bean Salad - for outdoor eating with friends & family

Baked Sweet Potato - easy to cook, with a range of tasty toppings

Cold Chicken Salad - a great way to use up leftover cooked chicken

Easy Greek Salad - for a salad recipe that's bursting with color & vitamins

Simple Healthy Soups - simply make and freeze ahead, for a quick snack from the microwave

Please do send in your favorite quick & healthy summer recipes for us to add to this page!

Quick Healthy Snack Recipes

Everyone either loves or hates tuna melts.

Here's our own healthy version of the popular tuna melt recipe, aimed at being low calorie, yet full of goodness.

  • Healthy Tuna Melt Recipe
    Tips on how to make a light and healthy low fat tuna melt with wholemeal bread , mustard & tasty cheddar cheese for a quick lunch or snack.
  • Salmon & Potato Wedges Bake
    This tasty recipe is easy and quick to prepare, full of goodness and flavour (& omega 3) and a perfect simple supper for guests

Entertaining A Large Party of Friends

If you're inviting guests with a variety of dietary requirements - whether they're vegetarian, lactose free, diabetic - it can be a challenge to know what to serve.

A great meal for getting to know everyone, whilst having fun, is to serve tortillas.  Cook up a couple of dishes, perhaps a chilli mix and also cook a few chicken breasts, slice and serve hot.

Serve buffet-style with guacamole, tortilla chips, sour cream dip, salsa, grated cheese, chopped tomato and cucumber.

Perhaps you could even ask guests to bring one or two of the above ingredients each, to make it a real bring and share occasion.

Serve plain wraps, but maybe have a pack of wholemeal wraps too (they're lower GI, so more appropriate for a diabetic diet)

Allow guests to serve themselves - thus enabling to make their own diet choices.

This can be an enjoyable evening with friends, providing plenty of opportunity for conversation and getting to know one another.

Summer Dessert Idea for Diabetics

One of our favourite summer dessert recipies is so quick and easy, yet full of flavour and pretty healthy too.

Simply fill a bowl half full with greek style yogurt.

Top with fresh or frozen berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc)

Leave for flavours to mix in together (frozen berries work best for this effect)

Serve with a teaspoon, to really enjoy and make the most of those wonderful flavours.

Of course, this also gives you one of your five a day fruit portions, and you can bet that kids wouldn't even notice it was a healthy option!