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Diabetes Meal Planning and a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy so-called diabetic food, can seem boring. It doesn’t need to be. In fact, when you look at the range of foods diabetics CAN eat, there’s really no such thing as a diabetic diet. Rather, part of managing diabetes is meal planning and eating healthy in general, not eating certain “diabetic foods.” With millions of people trying to eat healthier, finding & cooking tasty recipes is easier than ever. While the concept of a diabetes diet is a misconception, being conscious about what you eat does make a real difference to your long term health and daily blood sugar levels. A person with diabetes can eat just about any kind of food. The key is good tracking and management of your blood sugar, making daily choices about the types and quantities of food that you’re consuming, and taking into account the variables such as exercise, your personal response to different kinds of carbs, the kind of insulin therapy you are using, etc.

Low Carb Diets
If low carb is your goal, there are many resources, inspired by the Atkins diet, so it’s easy to find recipes that will help you create a healthy balanced menu for your tastes & lifestyle while not taking too much time in the kitchen. Whenour child was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, we were much many families in that we hadn’t given too much thought to our diet. As we learned more about the importance of managing blood sugar levels, we decided that would all eat differently as a family.

What’s healthy eating anyway?
Initially, for us, it was difficult to be so conscious about what and when we were eating. It was a big adjustment when we discovered that we couldn’t just eat pizza or chips any time we wanted. This was a bit painful in certain circumstances such as a school events or weekend festivals and fairs, but we gradually worked out how to prepare for a variety of eating circumstances outside of the home and what parts of our diet we needed to change. I think we’ve also learned to become far more adventurous with our food as we take a leaf out of the book “French Women Don’t Get Fat” which advocates eating less of really tasty foods to satisfy your appetite. We can heartily agree with that sentiment!

Here’s a starting point to keep in mind for your healthy eating whether you are a diabetic or not:

  • eating long-lasting carbohydrates in the morning
  • enjoy meat, fruit and vegetables for the rest of the day
  • cut down on white flour intake
  • cut down on fat
  • drink plenty of water during the day
  • eat a variety of foods
  • eat plenty of fruit and vegetables – try and eat at least five portions each day
  • avoid special diabetic foods (they’re just expensive and of questionable benefit)

Don’t worry too much about peer pressure and what other people are eating.  Think ahead about what you eat and it’s easier than you think, once you store a few favorite recipes up.

The key is to have tasty, freshly prepared foods and always enjoy your food!

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