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Diabetic Breakfast Recipes

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is important for everyone. In general, breakfast tends to be a high-carb meal as we want to fuel the body for the day’s work ahead. For our daughter, we try to match the breakfast to the kind of morning she will have. Since most days she is off to school and active on the playground or in games class, we know she needs those carbs. The key is to be carbohydrate selective. That means eating primarily whole grains and 
limiting refined carbohydrates. At breakfast it’s also a good idea to include colorful veggies and consider immune boosting foods including yogurt and kefir.

How to be Carb Selective

When shopping for breakfast foods read the ingredient list, look for the word whole (whole grains).
 Select cereals with more than grams of fiber per serving.

Healthy breakfast ideas

  1. Wholemeal or whole wheat toast with jam
  2. Weetabix or similar wholewheat cereal
  3. Porridge (see ideas below)
  4. Savoury breakfast – bacon & eggs or sardine patties
  5. Toast topped with a chopped, cooked bacon and slices of grilled tomato
  6. Yogurt topped with fresh fruit compote
  7. Wholewheat or buckwheat pancake topped with yogurt and chopped fresh fruit
  8. Scrambled eggs, grilled tomato and mushrooms
  9. Wholemeal pancakes drizzled with honey
  10. and, of course, fresh fruit smoothies!

healthy porridge recipeIf you want to liven up your daily porridge, yogurt or cereal, simply add healthy toppings:-

  • dried apricots, pears or prunes
  • fresh chopped fruits, such as apples, bananas and oranges, topped with a spoonful of yogurt or low fat fromage frais
  • orange segments with natural or greek yoghurt
  • raisins or sultanas
  • stewed apples, fresh fruit compote or apple sauce (easy to make at home)

Did you know that you can make porridge from oats or oatmeal – mix with milk before bedtime, leave overnite and microwave or cook in the morning – serve hot and steaming!  This is a true Scottish meal that’s great for cold winter mornings.

If you’re prepared to read the dietary information presented on cereal packets – you can be quite surprised as to the carbohydrate and sugar contents of some popular cereals.  It’s not always what you might think it is.

As always, some of the foods labelled “healthy” may have a high sugar content – healthy can be awarded simply because an item is low in fat or high in fibre.

Get used to reading the labelling or packaging to see how many calories, carbohydrates are in an average helping – also, check out the sugar and fibre contents.  This is a great way to compare products and can help you to evaluate new products or cereals which come on to the market.


Smoothies are a great healthy breakfast idea

What are smoothies ?

They are one of the most healthy and tasty breakfast ideas to be created.

They’re easy to make – as long as you have a blender or liquidiser – ideal for people with special diets too.

Kids love ” eating ” them and won’t even realise how good they are for their health !

Did you know that milk contains protein, carbohydrate (such as sugars), fats, minerals, and vitamins?  Your kids won’t !

You can also create dairy free recipes by using soy milk – and it tastes just as good .  Some of the most tasty fruits to use are strawberry and banana, though if you feel adventurous, creating your own tropical fruit smoothies using fresh fruits such as mango or kiwi could be awesome.

With the use of superfoods such as blueberry and other fresh berrys , you can create homemade smoothies that are bursting with flavor, for far less than you can buy them in the store.

Always use the best, freshest ingredients and drink immediately.

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