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Diabetic Cookie Recipes

Missing out on cookies?

Most cookbooks contain cookie recipes that are high in carbs, sugar & fat – not a very healthy

For those of us who are cookie lovers, there’s still a way to include them in your diet in moderation,
by adapting some of the ingredients.

With variations such as double choc, white chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies – there are almost endless
possibilities for getting excited about baking!

Although you’ll still need to be careful or smart about how many you eat – these recipes contain the minimum
amount of sugar:-

To adapt your favorite recipes, try substituting half wholemeal flour for white flour. Also, cutting the amount
of sugar by half, or using fructose sugar.

Be careful when substituting sugar with equivalent quantities of Splenda, Equal, or Sweet & Low to
create your own sugar free recipe – you may be better starting with 50/50 ratio of sugar/sugar substitute to
see what effect this has on the texture and flavour.  Gradually increase the ratio each time you bake.

Please contact us with your recipe suggestions and additions!