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Diabetic Recipes

The recipes we share on Diabetia.com are the result of one UK family’s experimentation in the kitchen. As the site grows and evolves, we will incorporate new recipes, carb counts as well as more of our discoveries  We invite you to share your diabetic recipes with us using the contact form. In the meantime, explore the recipes from the sections outlined here:

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Following a recipe can be important when preparing food for a diabetic, primarily to keep track of the carbs going into the dish. As a father of a diabetic child exploring new foods has been an important way to examine our eating habits, to find new ways of being healthier and to not let food become a negative force in our lives despite the disease.  Using a recipe doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t experiment, but for me, getting away from overly processed foods requires learning how to better work in the kitchen using whole foods while still counting carbs.  I  want my daughter to live as normally as possible and enjoy the pleasure in eating things that taste great, knowing that she can still enjoy the treats and meals she associates with special times. My wife is far more skilled in the kitchen so a recipe has always been more of a guidepost than a map. Your experience will inform how you use the recipes on our site.

As our family has adjusted to managing M’s diabetes we continue to look at our family’s diet. For everyone, not just diabetics, eating healthy does not necessarily have to be a huge change, but it does require greater emphasis on the basics of healthy eating that we’ve known for a long time: Eating more whole foods, eating foods lower on the glycemic index (foods that break down more slowly and the glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream more gradually) eating a variety of foods and being mindful of portions.