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Healthy Yogurts

Many of the smoothie recipes we recommend and make in our own home include yogurt. As we quickly learned, not all yogurts are the same . There are five important factors in choosing yogurt when you are considering the needs of a diabetic: sugar content, added ingredients, calcium, live and active cultures and taste (of course). Here is a list of the healthiest choices for yogurt. If you have feedback on this list, please feel free to share it below.

Healthy Yogurts

1. Plain Yogurt (any brand): Plain yogurt is the healthiest choice for yogurt.

2. Plain Greek Yogurt (any brand): Greek Yogurt is very popular right now. It is similar to regular yogurt but the extra liquid (whey) is strained out so it is creamier and thicker in texture. It also contains more protein and active cultures. The only downside is it contains less calcium.

3. Yo Kids Organic Low Fat Yogurt:
Stoneyfield Farm wins high marks for their yogurt made especially for kids. For a 4 ounce serving it contains 13g of sugar, 1g of fat, 20% DV of calcium and 25% DV of vitamin D. It contains beet juice for color and organic sugar/juice as the sweetener.

4. Yoplait Kids: : YoPlait has a nice little product for kids. For a 4oz serving it contains 13g of sugar, 2g of fat, 1g of fiber, 20% DV of calcium and 10% DV of vitamin D. Like Yo Kids it contains beet juice for color and sugar as the sweetener. It also contains modified corn starch and inulin which adds some fiber.

5. Trader Joes Organic Low Fat Yogurt: This is a great yogurt with a creamy taste and wins for the least amount of sugar for 4 ounces. It has 12g of sugar, 3g of fat, 2g of fiber and 15% DV of calcium (less calcium than Yoplait Kids and Yo Kids). Sugar is the sweetener and it’s made with inulin and pectin for added fiber.

6. Ronnybrook European Style Yogurt: Before you get too excited about this one, you should know that it is only sold in New York. I have not tasted it but it looks and sounds amazing. Their 8 ounce non fat vanilla maple contains only 7g of added sugar and 35% DV for calcium. Their vanilla flavors don’t appear to have any added sugar. If you are in NY take a look!

7. Strauss Family Creamery Organic Yogurt: As kids get older they will need more calcium and will be able to eat 6-8 ounce servings of yogurt. Strauss organic yogurts have a very short ingredient list. It’s organic yogurt sweetened with evaporated cane juice and vanilla extract. For an 8 ounce serving of non fat vanilla, it contains 25g of sugar and 45% DV for calcium (that’s 450mg!).

8. Chobani Greek Yogurt: For a 6 ounce serving this yogurt contains 17g of sugar, 14g of protein, 3g of fat and 15% DV of calcium. It’s short on calcium but high in protein. The sweeteners used include evapoated cane juice, strawberries, bananas and juice for color.