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Inviting a diabetic to breakfast?

With a few simple tips, it's easy to create a healthy break fast menu

If you’re not familiar with the fundamentals of diabetes management, you might feel a little nervous the first time a person with diabetes is coming to visit for breakfast as so many breakfast foods are high carb. Don’t worry! A PWD (person with diabetes) can eat just about anything as a person without diabetes. A diabetic has the same nutritional needs as everyone else so you probably won’t have to go out and buy a whole selection of diabetic-friendly foods.

You’ve probably already got what you need in the fridge or store cupboard. One of the nicest things you can do for your guest is keep wrappers or packaging for any store-bought foods handy as this will help the PWD or the parent of the diabetic child track the number of carbs. The other thing you can do is call the parent and ask them for suggestions for the meal or at least give a heads up of the possible foods on the menu.

As a guide, we try to eat CLEAN and in moderation, organic and local if possible, and avoid sugary cereals, juices, trans and saturated fats and highly processed foods. In place of a glass of orange juice my daughter might have a glass of sparkling water with just a splash of juice. That helps her feel special and included without all of the sugar. She still eats a donut now and then, but if a muffin or piece of banana bread were an option she’ll chose the latter.

Low carb foods can help keep sugar levels stable- so we try to limit foods that have lots of sugar. Try and have low fat (not non-fat) foods too.

For example, our sample menu would read as follows:-

  • weetabix or unsweetened wholewheat cereal with fresh milk or organic soy milk
  • toast with marmite or jam
  • yogurt (greek, natural or homemade) topped with fresh fruit
  • a homemade muffin (about 25 g of carb)

For something special for the Christmas or other holiday occasions:-

  • Toasted muffin with poached egg
  • Grilled egg, sausage and a slice of wholemeal toast
  • Cranberry and vanilla smoothie
  • Fresh fruit salad – melon, grapes & kiwi fruit topped with a dollop of yogurt or creme fraiche
  • Fresh wholewheat pancakes topped with blueberries and a spoonful of yogurt
  • Freshly squeezed carrot juice mixed half and half with shop-bought tropical fruit juice to accompany

These are just a few ideas you can make, from our own kitchen, we’d love to have any of your recipe suggestions.

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