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Is Splenda Harmful or Safe?

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Is Splenda Harmful or Safe?

With so many health warnings over foods, it’s not unreasonable to consider whether the regular use of artificial sweeteners is good for your health. Recent news & research have many requesting that the FDA approval of artificial sweeteners be reviewed. Of course, the reality is that almost anything in excess can damage your body. Almost every type of food has side effects, from the caffeine high of drinking coffee, to common food allergies to products such as nuts.

Ultimately though, ‘Is Splenda safe?’ may not be the right question. Our thinking, (not backed up by medical evidence, btw) is that in true moderation, artificial sweeteners are one part of the total food puzzle any diabetic family should consider.

That said, if we didn’t have diabetes, we probably wouldn’t use Splenda, Stevia or other artificial sweeteners. We’ve always been a whole foods (eating patterns not grocery store) kind of family. But as sweets are still part of this diabetic family’s life, artificial sweeteners are for us, a safer choice in some meals or components of meals.

If you do a search for ‘ is splenda safe?’ the Internet is going to take you to some scary places and it really won’t answer the question for you. As parents of a diabetic child, we don’t have the luxury of thinking in absolutes. I am a firm believer that the least processed foods are better for you; but our goal is to continue as much as possible, to enjoy the food and drink we enjoyed as a family, before diabetes, thus everything in moderation, including Splenda.

One proponent who has outlined what he considers the dangers of sucralose is Dr Mercola. While we do not endorse or dispute the views of Dr Mercola, we offer a link for your further reading:

The Potential Dangers of Splenda

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